Custom Spray Perfume

Custom Spray Perfume

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Want a long lasting spray perfume that will have you smelling amazing all day long? Then custom perfume is just for you! .25oz of highly scented perfume in your favorite EGTB blend, create your own custom scent, or get one of the many popular perfume dupes I have in stock. I personally love combining dupes and creating my own perfume. Add scent choices to notes.

Perfume Ingerdients
Alcohol 39C, DEP, benzyl salicylate, and Body safe Fragrance Oil
*Cosmetic grade

Dupe Oils in Stock
Brittany Spears Fantasy
Brittany Spears Radiance
Victoria's Secret Bombshell
Victoria's Sectret Bombshell Diamonds
Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction
Victoria's Secret Pink

Victoria's Secret Love Spell
Holister So Cal
Chanel No 5
BBW A Thousand Wishes
BBW Forever Red
BBW Mahogany Teakwood (Mens)
BBW Dark Kiss
Viva La Juicy
Paris Hilton Fairy Dust
Paris Hilton Heiress
Lush Snow Fairy
Katy Perry Purr
Aqua Di Gio (mens)
Issey Miyake (mens)